Nokia 5630 Display Problem Solution

a solution for Nokia 5630 Xpressmusic with display problem such as white screen, blue screen, garbled or saturated screen displays. This solution provides some simple hints on how to repair and fix the problem.

If device shows an abnormal LCD screen displays, you may first check and try to install a new replacement LCD screen. Then also try to flash, restore or update the device flash firmware.
If the above procedures already been done but still the problem still exists, you may then refer to these solution below to check and trace some particular components and connection line paths on the the device PCB board layout.

Nokia 5630 Xpressmusic LCD Screen Display Problem Solution

If the device suffered wet or water damaged you may first clean the whole PCB board with a anti-static liquid cleaner. Then check the LCD pin connector for possible damaged and lost contacts solders.
The highlighted components above also holds for the display operation, you may check each of these components and then replace with the same rated values, if already faulty or damaged.

Take Note: The display data signals is feeds directly from the CPU chip and there are no ESD-EMI display filter IC used in the circuit, there are circumstances that you may need to rework or replace the processor IC, just to fix the display problem on Nokia 5630 phones.

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