Nokia C3-00 USB Device Not Detected Problem, pin connector jumper ways solution

This solution may help fix Nokia C3-00 if having problem connecting to the PC or laptop and cause a USB device not detected error. The solution below also helps for damaged or lifted USB pin connector PCB board solder pad, for it shows the connection line paths of each pin outs.

Just refer to the solution below and do a check up and replacement of the highlighted components.

Nokia C3-00 USB Pin Connector Jumper Ways

Hints in troubleshooting Nokia C3-00 device Not Detected problem error:
1. Ensure that the USB cable wire you use is working fine.
2. Clean the USB pin connector if oxidized.
3. Check/resolder the USB pin, apply a jumper wire if the PCB is lifted.
4. Check/replace all the components connected to it.

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