Nokia X3-01 no Display led lcd blue white Problem Solution

This solution holds for Nokia X3-01 with display problems such as white screen, blank or empty screen, blue screen, saturated and garbled screen display problems.

This solution provides some hints on how to fix the phone device handsets if such problem occurred due to wet or water damaged, accidentally dropped and any other related cases caused by the user.

If the device shows an abnormal display and the LCD is not broken, you may first try to restore, flash or update the device flash firmware, just to recheck if the firmware is not corrupted. For water damaged devices, you may clean the PCB board first using a liquid anti-static cleaner, before trying to re-flash the device.

If however the flash firmware calibration doesn't solved and fix the problem, you may the do some hardware check-up and troubleshooting procedures. Refer to the solution below for it shows hints on how to do a hardware repair.

Nokia X3-01 Display Problem Repair Solution

From the LCD pin connector, you may first check the LCD supply voltages down to each corresponding pin configuration, these voltages which is rated 1.8 volts and the other one is 2.6 volts. The LCD display data signal is feeds from the processor chip and were also connected to a bypass capacitors which has a capacitance value of 33picafarad each of it.

In some cases, there is a tendency that you may need to reheat, rework or even replace the processor chip just to fix the display problem of Nokia X3-01.

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