Nokia X3 Not charger no response Charging Problem Solution

a solution for Nokia X3 Not charging problem like it shows no response or indication on the display when a working battery charger is being plug-in.

If encountered charging problem on nokia X3, you may need to check the DC jack or charging pin and ensure that is perfectly cleaned, not misaligned and with properly in-tacked on the PCB contact pads.
If the charging pin assembly is perfectly fine but still it shows no indication of charging operation,
the solution below shows the components on Nokia X3 PCB board that may need to check and or replace if a charging problem occurred.

Nokia X3 Not Charging Problem Solution

The solution above shows the components such as chip fuse, diode, filter coil and capacitor which holds as a charging protection circuit. These components will breakdown or being damaged if a short circuit happened on Nokia X3 PCB board. You may need to check and replace these components if found damaged and fix nokia x3 not charging problem.

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