Nokia e72 insert SIM card solution

Nokia E72 solution for insert SIM card problem . This solution might help fix and solved if the device unable to detect or accept any workingf sim card being inserted to it.

The solution below shows the connection line paths of the Nokia E72 SIM card pin connector which can be used as a guide for easy and quick tracing and repair procedures. You may just trace each of corresponding pin connection line paths to a corresponding components being connected to it.

Nokia E72 Insert SIM card Tracks

  1. First you may check and ensure that sim card pin pin connector is not damaged and it is cleaned.
  2. Check the SIM card supply voltage(VSIM) 1.8 to 2.8 volts and ground pins then down to the three SIM data signals such as the CLOCK, DATA and RESET. All the SIM card data signals entries were all feeds from the GAZOO chip. Some trouble you need to rework or replace the GAZOO chip to fix the Nokia E72 Insert SIM card problem.

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