Nokia E72 LCD Display Problem with Filter IC Jumper Solution

a Nokia E72 solution for display problem such as the following:
White Screen, blue screen, blank or empty screen, garbled, saturated and blurred screen display.

If this problems occurred, you may need to try to replace or install a new LCD screen of the device,or try to restore or flash the device firmware again.These display problem may sometimes caused by a faulty LCD screen module or a corrupted device flash firmware. Only then you consider that there is something went wrong on the components on Nokia E72 PCB board.

The solution below shows the connection line paths of the LCD display circuit, which can be used for easy tracing and check up procedure on certain components or parts.

Nokia E72 Display Problem Solution

There are two display filter IC (glass or crystal IC) are being used on the Nokia E72 display circuit. These two filter chips may sometimes caused the problem if it become faulty or being already damaged.
You may need to replace one or both of these display filter IC to fix the Nokia E72 display problem.
The solution above also includes the connection line paths from the LCD pin connector to both of the display filter IC's solder ball bumps for further tracing or jumper procedures.

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