Nokia 7230 Full Keypad Solution- Keypad IC Jumper ways and Tracks

the full keypad solution for Nokia 7230 keypads failure or malfunction.
This solution may possibly help fix Nokia 7230 if any certain keys stop responding or not working.

This solution shows the line paths of the Numeric keypads only, the navigation keys like SELECT, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, Soft Left, and Soft Right and including the Power Key are connected within the Flex keypad membrane, so if the above keys only stop responding you may need to check and replace the flex cable first before using this solution below. Since all keys including the Upper keys or Navigation keys and the Numeric keys are both connected to the EMI-ESD filter IC. There is a certain point and possibility that all of these keys may not work or stop responding due to a water damaged, you may then proceed to use this solution below.

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