Nokia 6730c No Network Signal Problem Solution

a solution for Nokia 6730c with a no network signal problem. this solution shows some repair hints on how to fix the device if such problem occurred.

If trying to fix this problem, you may first restore, flash, or update the device flash firmware. If the restoring or flashing doesn't fix the signal problem. You may then proceed to hardware troubleshooting for check up procedures on some certain components on the PCB board. refer to the solution below for it shows the RF circuit of the 6730 classic.

Locate the components showed on the solution above, you may start checking the supply voltages in each certain chips that holds for the Radio Frequency signal. The filter coils is the good spots for the checking the voltages. The RF voltage supply regulator feeds the secondary voltages to the the PA's power amplifier and RF module. The VCTXO generates the desired frequency to make the whole RF circuit works.
If all the supply voltages is okay, you may start reworking or replacing the PA IC's then to the RF transceiver and the last part will be the VCTXO.

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