Nokia X7-00 in fixing handsfree speaker no audio ringer problem solution

Nokia X7-00 has two handsfree speakers located at the bottom left and right corners of the device. If something went wrong like if there is no sounds can be heard if the handsfree or loudspeaker is being activated,
this solution might help for your repair.
Hints in troubleshooting Nokia X7-00 not working handsfree speaker problem.
You may start by manually checking the two speakers using a multimeter tester.
Check the filter coils, for possible damaged, clean the surroundings including the speaker terminal pads if oxidized found.

The next option is to work on the Audio Codec IC.
You may check the VBAT 3.7v across the filter inductor coil,
this is the supply voltage to make the Audio IC work.
If the voltage is okay, check all the surrounding components of the Audio chip.

if the problem still exists,
there are two options which can be suspected as became faulty -
its either the ASIC (Power IC) or the CPU.
But working this chips needs a great soldering skills,
so if you don't have guts to do it, just ask an assistance to your head technician on duty.

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