Nasaki B2 Microphone Not Working Problem

If ever tried to repair a damaged Naski B2 mic failure, this solution can be used as a quick guide to which and what components needs to be check or replace.
The solution below shows the microphone circuits including its voltage supply and audio data signal line paths from the Power and Audio IC through to the Digital microphone module.

Before trying to remove and replace the DIGI MIC module check and trace its corresponding line paths and connected components such as the Resistors, there are three resistors connected being connected in the circuit which has the resistance value of 100 ohms each.
You may also check the voltage supply line paths, if the voltage is not present the microphone will not work.
If already tied installing a new replacement microphone and ensuring that the connection tracks were okay and also the three resistors were bot fine but the problem still exists, there is the possibility that the problem lies on the audio IC.
Reworking it might possibly solve and fix the Nasaki B2 microphone problem.

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