Nokia E72 Charger Not Supported Problem Solution

Nokia E72 Charger Not Supported Problem Solution

the Nokia E72 solution for charger not supported problem. This kind of charging problem shows a "charger not supported" error on the screen display when the charger is being plug-in.

To fix this problem you may first try to replace the battery and use another working charger, if the problem still exists, the solution below shows a certain components that needs to be replace if this kind of problem occurred on Nokia E72. There is thermal resistor which has a resistance value of 47K. If these resistor become faulty or already damaged it will result to charger not supported problem on the device.

The 47K BTEMP (battery temperature) resistor is located or mounted near the keypad pin connector just the bottom of the Nokia E72 PCB board. You must replace it with same value.

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