Nokia 6760 slide USB Interface device not detected problem Way/Tracks Solution

the solution for Nokia 6760 slide when damaged and result to device not detected problem or not being recognize when connecting to PC or laptop computers.

If this problem happens, you may first try to use another working USB cable wire connector. Then make sure that the PC are in good condition and can detect any device connected to it. If the problem still persist, refer to the solution below for it shows the connection line paths of the Nokia 6760 slide USB connection circuit.

Here's how to troubleshoot if the Nokia 6760 slide is not recognize by the PC.
1. Try to use another working USB data cable and another PC or laptop.
2. Visually check the USB pin connector for possible damaged, Clean, re-solder or replace if necessary.
3. Check or read the VBUS voltage which is about 5V up when the USB data cable is connected.
4. Trace each of the corresponding pinouts connection path such as the VBUS, D-, D+, ID and Ground pins.
5. Check every components where it is being connected replace if damaged.
6. Check/replace the USB EMI-ESD filter IC.

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